Tips For Avoiding Damaging Your Teeth

We don’t want to damage our teeth.  If we do, then we will need to visit a dentist and get professional care.  If our teeth are really bad, it may be required to have tooth extraction in Jeffersonville performed which can be painful.

Wear protection

The first line of defense is protection.  If you are playing sports are engaged in other physical activities, you will want to wear proper protection.  This can include a mouth guard, helmet, face shield as well as a wide assortment of other devices.

Don’t drink soda

Soda and other drinks have acids in them that are harmful for your teeth.  When we drink them and fail to brush our teeth, these acids start to wear down the protective coating on our teeth.  Over time this coating will allow other bacteria to enter which will start to eat away at the tooth from the inside.

Brush daily

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You want to brush your teeth on a daily basis.  If you don’t brush your teeth, they will become neglected and begin to decay and yellow.  When this happens the process of saving them will become increasingly difficult.  If you brush your teeth after every meal and make sure that you engage in good oral hygiene, then you can start to reverse any damage that may have started. 

Get regular checkups

You want to get regular checkups from your dentist.  When you see your dentist on a regular basis, they can see what is going on with your teeth and help make corrections in your actions or inactions.  During these checkups, the dentist can also clean your teeth, perform minor surgery as well as schedule you for more advance procedures as well.

It is vital that we learn to take care of our teeth.  If we don’t then our teeth will fail us, causing us pain and agony.