Do Mosquitoes Have A Blood Type Preference

No matter how much we convince ourselves of being the apex predator, humans serve as food to organisms too. Most insects, such as mosquitoes, like to feed on our blood. So, have you wondered if mosquitos have a blood type preference?

This article will give you information about the things most attractive to mosquitoes. However, even if you seem to be the least attractive person to mosquitoes, you must hire a mosquito control company in Rosenberg to avoid getting mosquito-borne diseases.

Why Mosquitoes Feed On Human Blood

It is only the female mosquitoes who feed on human blood. Male mosquitoes find all the nourishment they require through nectar and water. The only reason why female mosquitoes feed on our blood is that it is a rich source of proteins and irons for them. They require these nutrients to lay eggs.

Is Any Blood Type Tastier To Mosquitos Than Others

Recent studies have shown that mosquitoes do tend to have a blood type preference. Mosquitoes find Type O blood tastier than others making them more than just universal donors for humans. Some studies also show that Type A blood is the least tasty to mosquitoes.

At this point the question arises, how do mosquitoes know our blood type? Well, the answer is simple, our skin collects chemical deposits from inside our body. This secretion’s composition depends on our DNA, making our blood type an important determinant.

Some secretions might have extra components, such as lactic acids, which are attractive to mosquitos. There is no hiding from mosquitoes if they like your natural scent and the natural secretions on your skin. The only way out is to use mosquito repellants.

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Who would have thought that our blood type makes us either more or less susceptible to attract mosquitoes? Turns out, people with Type O blood are destined to have blood drawn out of these bodies much more than others.